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We want you to see and feel the difference for yourself that Flavio Demolition makes when demolition service is done properly. For you to focus solely on your project, our demolition contractor in Louisville, KY will handle all the specifics. We will take care of everything so that you can concentrate on what really matters, which can be your business or family.

Demolition Contractor

Experts in the Field of Demolition

The greatest demolition company is us. Due to the training and experience our demolition contractor has with all elements of demolition, we can complete your project on schedule and handle every detail. Any demolition service work can be handled by us because we have the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience. We handle every little thing so your project can be finished on schedule and with as little disruption to your property or the surrounding region as possible.

Why Choose Us

Demolition is a procedure that requires deliberate, logical management. Accidents can occur if actions are not well thought out and planned. Take into account incidents that cause harm and put lives in danger due to a lack of safety, unforeseen circumstances, and accidents that require repair and stabilization. Your plans will be delayed by accidents and problems brought on by inexperienced demolition. Hire the professionals and be at ease knowing they will manage the situation. Our team will assist in the demolition planning, timely completion of the job with the necessary tools, and attention to safety.

Using a knowledgeable staff with experience in the demolition process, Flavio Demolition will complete your project on schedule and handle every aspect of Louisville, KY. Call us at (502) 644-3518.

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  • Remodeling
  • Painting
  • Demolition